Demonstrating Durability

Delivering cost-effective travel nurse staffing to hospitals, outpatient clinics, prisons, jails and home health clients since 2016

When it comes to finding quality healthcare personnel, WTS Healthcare delivers with industry-leading customer service. We care about the facilities we work with; your goals become our goals.

As a full-service, HIPAA compliant healthcare agency, we have earned the reputation as one of the premier correctional health management companies, providing the highest quality medical staff to facilities throughout the country.

At WTS Healthcare, we understand that you strive to provide the highest level of care for your patients. We recognize that only by employing compassionate and skilled caregivers can you achieve this goal. We have therefore made it our mission to provide both our clientele and candidates with the right skill set and disposition. We utilize extensive screening and credentialing procedures eliminating much of the hassle and stress involved in the hiring process allowing administrators and directors of nursing to focus on what matters most – their patients.


•At WTS, you remain our priority from start to finish. Our front office support has been selectively chosen to ensure that your customer service experience is nothing short of exceptional. Our vetting process entails source training which is one of many internal requirements at WTS. 

We also developed a scorecard for each position to measure success of a hire for a specific client. The scorecard aligns employees to the vision and strategy of the organization, helping to find the best person for the job. 

In addition:

  • We always remain mindful of your budget; we are flexible and can work with you within your spending parameters, not over it. 

  • Our database of some of the most competent talents in healthcare has become the primary source for medical facilities throughout the nation. 

  • Years of comprehensive staffing experience 

  • Meticulous recruitment and screening of applicants 

  • State and Federal Criminal Background Checks 

  • We consider all Workers Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, and “Employment of Record” responsibilities 

  • Direct Deposit payments payroll processing.

  • OSHA, HIPAA, and Joint Commission standards testing 

We also offer affordable Healthcare Insurance Plans to all Employees :

Dental, Vision, Pet, Life Insurance and so much more....

The Millennial Worker:

What Millennial's seek when choosing a new job?


  • Work/life flexibility: Managers can allow it, while also being crystal clear about expected results and timelines.
  • Perception of fairness: HR can implement pay-for-performance programs that demonstrate fairness.
  • Innovation and collaboration: Managers can increase the use of rotational programs to provide lots of stimulus and feedback.
  • Honest and frequent feedback: Managers should do so, with specific actions and praise.
  • Career development skills: HR can leverage cohort groupings for orientation, learning and career planning.

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 Choose your customized solution:


  • Contract/Travel:  We provide fully credentialed, Joint Commission Compliant, Registered Nurses to augment your staff on an as-needed basis for any length of time.
  • Contract to Hire:  You can hire RNs on a temp-to-perm basis, giving you the unique ability to evaluate their on-the-job performance before committing to a permanent hire.
  • Permanent Placement: We’ll refer the most qualified candidates so you can make an immediate hire.


  • Save Time & Money: Reduce the costs (and pressure) of overtime from your team, prevent nurse staff reduction, and keep departments from closing. 


  • Retain More of Your Staff: Reduce the stress of nurses working short-handed and prevent the loss of talented employees by supplementing your team with highly-skilled Registered Nurses. Our team of recruiters are adept at getting you the right nurses, with the right specialty, at the right time.


  • Immediate Coverage, Around the Clock Availability: Since we have relationships with nurses nationwide, it’s almost certain we’re holding a resume or profile from someone who’d be a great addition to your team. Our team is working right now to screen, interview, and place highly qualified professionals in quality facilities just like yours.




Part of our recruitment process involves partnering with schools. We help connect top level talent with employers to navigate business to the next level. Our corporate relationships allow for visiting major campuses for recruitment purposes. During our visits we conduct on-campus interviews on either an “open” or “pre-select” basis, we hold company introduction meetings in reserved conference rooms for a select audience, participate in a career fair or networking events and are involved in mock interviews. We also have full access to both current students and alumni through the ONE STOP system also known as the CAREER-LINK software in which we post jobs on University and Community College websites. In this era of Gig workers tending to be younger and more highly educated we provide a easy transition from the class-room to the work-place.


Experience is becoming a crucial factor for employers when deciding who gets their foot in the door. It’s strongly advised that students and graduates take the opportunity to complete a period of work experience to ensure they have a competitive advantage over their peers; and that’s where an internship can make all the difference. 

At WTS, we do offer select internship talent at a discounted rate for our employers. Meaning, since we receive tons of inquiries from students and graduates who have trained and acquired certifications they utilize us as a platform to seek out possible internship programs they need in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a specific qualification.


We’ve learned that professional contract candidates want a great contract employee benefits package as well as-great pay. Our benefits not only attract quality candidates, they help us to retain them and place them on one contract assignment right after another. Our clients and candidates are one of our best lead generators.

We are delighted to be a chosen Talent Acquisition Partner.