WTS Home Care & Private Duty Staffing That Fits Your Needs

At Home Personal Care

At WTS Healthcare, we are committed to providing A Higher Standard of Care, and this includes our personal care services. Our fully-screened and certified personal care attendants are available to assist you with everyday tasks, such as eating, bathing, or light housework. We’re unique in that we only hire caregivers who exemplify compassion and empathy, and then match them with you based on personality and lifestyle, so you get a caregiver that’s right for you. A Registered Nurse is also involved in each caregiver’s training and supervision.

For added peace of mind, a Registered Nurse creates and supervises each client’s unique plan of care—something you won’t find anywhere else. We complement our compassionate, person-centered philosophy with a rigorous clinical approach.

Companion Care

At WTS, we have a unique understanding of the issues today’s families face, struggling more and more to find time for even the most basic activities amid ever-busier lives. Finding experienced and compassionate caregivers can be a challenge- we have a resolution.   Our companion care services include comprehensive, around-the-clock support for anyone – of any age – who needs it. Whether it’s providing home support by helping with laundry, light housekeeping and meal planning and cooking, our caregivers are willing to give more of themselves to their work.   professionals can also provide outside support, like helping with shopping and errands, adult and senior transportation to and from doctor appointments and social events in addition to providing travel companionship and more 

Transitional Care

Transitional care refers to the care provided following hospitalization or a stay in a rehabilitation center. Leaving the hospital or a skilled nursing facility to go home could lead to critical health and social problems for individuals, but in many cases this can be prevented. Professionally delivered care can help reduce undesirable outcomes like re-hospitalization, medication errors, falls, and it may even reduce long-term healthcare costs by helping to prevent the worsening of health conditions. WTS offers the services and expertise to help you make a safe and healthy recovery at home and lower the likelihood of a return trip to the hospital. 

Health Services

  • Alzheimer's Nurturing
  • Palliative Care
  • Respite Care
  • Wound Care
  • Medication Management
  • Foot Care

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End-of-Life Care

As you wind down in life, you may need someone in your home around-the-clock for total peace of mind. The support our end-of-life care team delivers is a constant source of comfort.  

At WTS Healthcare, we partner with hospices to care for people as they approach life’s final transition. Our caregivers are specially trained in end-of-life care. Depending on your needs, they may, for example, prepare easy-to-eat foods, read to you, and watch for discomfort and summon health-care providers if needed.

With end-of-life care, we help people who are dying remain in the peace and comfort of their beloved home. If a hospice facility is required, however, we also provide loving services there.

Live-in Care

Peace of mind. It’s so often an elusive dream for people with elderly parents—and for elderly people themselves. That’s why WTS Healthcare at Home has always been known best for our 24 hour home care, also known as live-in care.

Our 24 hour home care services provide around-the-clock supervision and companionship in the security and privacy of your own home. Your caregivers, matched to you by personality along with life and work experience, are present day and night to provide professional, reliable and compassionate care.

In addition to quality care, we also guarantee continuity. You don’t have to worry about frequent changes in caregivers—having to get acquainted time and again. Central to our live-in care option is this commitment to consistency. And at WTS Healthcare at Home, where we strive to make our services accessible to everyone, live-in care is more affordable than you probably imagine.