Frequently Asked Questions/HOME HEALTHCARE

Are the caregivers directly employed by the home care agency?

WTS Healthcare is a direct employer, thus all caregivers are WTS employees. As such, they are covered by WTS's workers compensation and liability insurance policies. In addition, WTS is responsible for all tax withholding and employer contributions for federal and state unemployment insurance. 

How long has WTS Healthcare been serving the community?

WTS has been a provider of home care services for just over a year, we have great references and a exceptional resume.

How does the home care agency select and train caregivers?

WTS Healthcare requires that all caregivers have at least six months of recent and relevant experience. In addition to a criminal background check they are personally interviewed, reference checked, tested, oriented, and are observed performing key caregiver tasks prior to being assigned to a home care. All new hires are shadowed by a seasoned nurse during the first 30 days at no additional cost to a client.

How does the caregiver know what to do when they arrive in the home?

After meeting with the client and family, an WTS care coordinator creates a PERSONALIZED care-giving plan, specific to the client’s needs. Our caregivers are expected to follow that service plan which is periodically reviewed and updated to ensure our clients' needs are being met.  An WTS care coordinator(Registered Nurse or a Nurse Practitioner ) regularly performs supervisory visits, ideally when our caregiver is in the home, to evaluate performance. In addition, all service notes are reviewed to ensure that our caregiver is following our service plan. Formal caregiver evaluations are performed at least after their first 90 days of employment and annually. 

Are there a minimum number of hours that you must order?

WTS Healthcare does not require a minimum number of hours of in home care. 

Can I reach an employee of the home care agency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

A WTS employee answers the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We believe this level of customer service is essential to providing outstanding care and service to our clients.