Frequently Asked Questions/Clients

What areas do you service?

We service facilities nationwide. 

What if we should need a Clinical Healthcare Professional outside of normal business hours?

We have a 24/7 Staffing Solutions Hotline, dedicated to our clients. This phone line will be answered with no hold time. Our office phone rings on a forward for immediate assistance.


Are the staff insured?

Yes, our business holds both Professional and General Liability Insurance.

A certificate of insurance can be provided to your facility with specific coverage limits.

How quickly can you find a HCP for my facility?

We have placed Healthcare Professionals within a few days of receiving a staffing request and as early as a few hours of the start date. 

Is it possible to extend a temporary assignment ?

Yes, in fact many of our healthcare professionals extend with our clients beyond their initial assignment. You can extend a temporary assignment for any duration that suits your staffing requirements.

How do you recruit healthcare professionals?

WTS uses a multi-band recruitment strategy that allows us to attract healthcare professionals from all disciplines and specialties. We have recently undertaken an aggressive use of the internet as part of our recruitment strategy. This includes reaching out to thousands of healthcare professionals globally every day through recruitment web sites. We also advertise in major industry publications, regional newspapers and attend many healthcare recruitment events.
However, our best recruitment source is referrals from current and former employees who recommend WTS to their coworkers.