Correctional Healthcare

Inmate Health Services

WTS Healthcare provides healthcare services to inmates of correctional facilities. We offer reception screening, physician, specialty clinic, mental health, nursing care, dental care, infirmary care, pharmacy, hospital care, laboratory, medical records management, utilization review, quality improvement, and medical education services, as well as electronic medical records - recently infusing Tele-Medicine into our list of services. Our dedicated professionals strive to provide exceptional health care services to both adult and juvenile offenders nationwide, and do so in a timely and efficient, but compassionate manner. 


Choose a Correctional Healthcare partner WHO UNDERSTANDS YOUR NEEDS

At WTS,we know inmate healthcare and have a medical team with extensive knowledge and experience of every aspect of the correctional healthcare industry.We provide both high-quality and cost-effective care that consistently exceeds our client’s expectations.  

The Personal Edge

Attentive and Attainable

Since we are a smaller business we provide a personable experience to each of our clients, handling questions and concerns immediately, customizing requests to fit your exact needs at a lower cost, with sincere personal attention on a first name basis and much more....

Faster Response

Unfortunately, emergencies are unavoidable. By choosing a micro company it is less likely that difficult customer problems will fester because our CEO - often being on the front line; will know sooner and take action,With no lengthy chain of command, complex bureaucracies filled with all sorts of policies and procedures, WTS Healthcare will provide results much quicker. 


In a ever changing industry, we have the ability to adjust well to any circumstances. Our company size allows for our staff and administrators to act adequately-with instant response time to emergencies/sick call, grievances, infection control, inmate medical requests, illnesses, court-ordered arrangements, medical unit volume (due to unexpected shortages) and any new regulations implemented by the assigned jail or prison.

More Nimble and Flexible

WTS Healthcare easily provides concessions to complaining customers. We offer a hands free policy, addressing each instance on a case-by-case basis to assure we put each inmate and family member at ease, we plan to improve the medical screening process inmates undergo when they're booked in, and ensure family is notified when a sick prisoner is transferred to a hospital with a critical emergency.


We've devised and appropriated plan for delivering services at a realistic price, this includes curing the high prevalence of substance abuse among the incarceration population - offering a proven method for treating addiction with our medication -assisted treatment program. In addition, we plan to execute our "reentry programs and other anti recidivism resources that will give inmates the opportunity to gradually rebuild their ties to the community.

Built on Partnerships and Collaboration

Obviously, partnerships and collaborations are critical to the overall success of delivering inmate correctional healthcare services. Our chosen affiliates are also micro entrepreneurs who will assist us to address any sized project or challenge. 

Healthcare Management for Offenders

The WTS Healthcare team is uniquely prepared to help states, counties, correctional systems and providers design, deliver and manage high-quality, affordable health services for the justice-involved population. For each of our partners, we customize a medical program to fit their unique facility and preferences. All of our programs use the American Correctional Association (ACA) standards as a basis for the policies and procedures as well as individual state standards when applicable. We have years of experience in: 

  • Monitoring court-ordered arrangements 
  • Developing dashboards to track important correctional health trends and outcomes 
  • Assessing facility needs for future healthcare services 
  • Establishing cost-effective, efficient systems for the procurement and safeguarding of prescription drugs 
  • Accessing available funding for inmate healthcare by:  

  1. Maximizing collection of federal Medicaid funds
  2. Maximizing access to Marketplace plan coverage for jail detainees

  • Building community partnerships to effectively monitor and improve jail health practices and outcomes 
  • Developing diversion models with a particular focus on those with mental illness 
  • Integrating behavioral and physical healthcare to better manage complex inmates 
  • Implementing innovative models of care, including management of chronic disease and behavioral healthcare to improve outcomes, minimize risk and reduce cost