Hospital-to-Home Transition Care

Meeting Your Needs Always

You’ve probably seen it with loved ones. An elderly person checks out of a hospital or nursing home only to be readmitted within a few months. During the transition, medications weren’t taken, doctor appointments weren’t made and chronic illnesses weren’t cared for. The downward spiral seems unstoppable, the medical bills never-ending. And you’re at a loss for what to do.

At least one in five people with Medicare are readmitted to the hospital within one month of discharge.

But what if hospital care were different? Instead of sending elderly people home alone with confusing instructions and to-do lists, what if we also sent a coach—a trained expert to guide, encourage and empower? What if that transition care service were affordable? 

We’re making it a reality through our innovative Transition Care program. 

WE ACCEPT MEDICARE AND MEDICAID and most private insurances


A transition from a hospital or nursing home can be confusing. You get rehabilitation instructions, prescriptions to fill, follow-up appointments to make. When you get home, you don’t just have to build up your strength, but you’re supposed to remember all these other things—and have the energy to do them. For elderly people, recovery can be even more overwhelming because they’re often alone. We have a resolution. 

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