Traveler Perks & Partner Discounts

When you become a WTS Healthcare traveler, you’ll be able to unlock a extensive list of discount codes from our list of partners. Whether it's the Fuel Advance Program, a book for the road, hotel accommodations or a rental car, we got you covered! 


Boutique Hotels

WTS Healthcare has a national partnership with privately owned boutique hotels and we have been working to pass these savings opportunities on to our other travelers. With our corporate discount code, travelers can book their own reservation and still obtain our reduced rates.


Car Rentals

WTS Healthcare partnered with Enterprise/National, Hertz and Budget/Avis so our employees can receive discounts on car rentals. 


Fuel Advance Program

WTS Healthcare employees are eligible to receive fuel until payday at participating BP's Only.

Our Offers

Travel Nurse Benefits

We value your hard work and dedication to the health care profession. At WTS we believe in providing the most comprehensive and competitive benefits in the industry: 24/7 Support, travel reimbursement, referral bonuses, 30th day healthcare benefits and so much more.. 


We absolutely offer reimbursements. Just make sure you have that good old fashioned conversation with your Recruiter before your assignment begins to make sure this is covered and/or you qualify. We will help you through the process. Don't forget to save those receipts….you'll need them! 

Sign on and Completion Bonuses

You can earn up to an extra $1,000 for select assignments. In addition, many of our client facilities also offer completion bonuses. If you still have any questions or concerns you can ask your recruiter for details. 


Being a nurse is already one of the most rewarding and satisfying jobs in the world. We are compensated to serve and support others during challenging times. Travel nurses get the opportunity to share their compassion and service with different types of people facing different challenges; around the entire world. Every new assignment is a different chapter in your life and travel nursing provides one of the most satisfying and colorful life stories a nurse could possibly imagine. 

Top Assignments and Housing Stipends

WTS has great assignments covering the U.S. Talk to your recruiter today about a location that best fits your individual needs. Explore limitless options and opt for the weekly housing allowance. Enjoy the independence of booking your own housing; spend your time and money on what is most important to you. 

Our Nurses

We have a dedicated, experienced team of industry leading healthcare recruiters to support our partnered nurses with 24/7 support. Our experienced recruiters get to know you to ensure your placements are the best possible fit for you!