What People Are Saying About Us

“I really like choosing my own schedule, WTS Healthcare has accommodated my family and work schedule. I recommend this agency to single mothers as well juggling both work and at home duties“

- T. Williams LPN

"Great agency! Very reliable staff and easy to reach after hours."

- M. Dobos| Lawrenceville Correctional Center| Lawrenceville, VA

" We have recently hired Nurses through WTS this year and they have covered our shifts successfully.  WTS has gone out there way to assist us. They has helped us every step of the way, what a great company" -L. Haygood|Eastern Correctional Institution|Westover, MD 

“ I have had the pleasure of employing WTS Staffing Company while working as the HSA.  We employed several nursing staff and can honestly say with confidence that those whom she employs are dependable people who take pride in their work and knowledgeable in what they do.  I recommend WTS for those seeking a wonderful and fair person to do business with, those needing high quality nurses who are not afraid of hard work and difficult challenges”     - Mona White RN CCHP |Richmond  City Justice Center|Richmond,VA

” I own and operate a veterans retirement home in Norfolk, VA and I needed temporary help. WTS supplied my facility with reliable CNA/RMA‘s It was a relief to know the nurses would cover unexpected shifts. I recommend this agency for one important reason and that’s “ the top notch commitment and communication service they offered me.”

- Charlene Davis RN| Madonna Home|Norfolk, VA

”I decided to join WTS to expand my career as a Registered Nurse. I enjoyed the staff and the assignments. The pay and hours are great, I made good friends at WTS”

-Yetunde Taylor RN

"I have accepted reliable travel assignments with WTS and I am pleased. I was finally placed in Maryland and have settled in under a new and permanent facility.  WTS is very attentive and professional."

-Wendy K. Doyle RN BSN MSN

"We have just joined WTS and they have sent us awesome LPN's. They also offered us better rates than current competitors; and we accepted. Our needs have been met efficiently and effectively. I recommend  those seeking staffing relief to work with WTS"- Anita Kyriakides RN BSN

”I am a recent graduate , and have transitioned into the work place. I took on my very first assignment with WTS Medical Staffing , the facilitators at my job site was very patient and understanding about my adjustments. The WTS team did a great job with finding me a secure job. I’ll always be employed here” 

- LPN S. Gregory