Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator - Richmond, VA


Job# 007

Shifts: 8am - 5pm

Purpose of Position:

This position is with the Gynecology/Genitourinary Oncology clinical trials team and involves coordinating a variety of clinical trials that focus on the treatment of bladder, cervical, endometrial, fallopian tube, ovarian, and prostate cancers 


 • Provides care to candidates for and participants in the university hospital clinical trial research protocols (in collaboration with treating physicians and/or principal/local investigators through recognizing and responding appropriately to deviations from normal, identifying, interpreting, analyzing and evaluating patient’s condition and making alterations in treatment and diagnostic regiments in collaboration with treating physicians/principal/local investigators. 

• Coordinates the evaluation, treatment and follow-up of clinical trial candidates and participants in inpatient and ambulatory settings, educating staff at local and partner sites about clinical trials & related patient care and consulting with local & collaborating physicians & staff about patient care issues. 

• Collaborates with providers and research team members to facilitate clinical research nursing and data management components of the clinical trial program. 

• Evaluates, uses, and refines systems for data collection and collaborates with research team members to ensure data accuracy and integrity. 

• Collaborates closely with Principal Investigator (PI) and clinical research team to ensure that key federal/state/local regulatory requirements are followed; that institutional operational research objectives are met; and that ethical obligations are kept. 

• Develops, establishes and maintains productive relationships  colleagues, all customers and contacts at affiliate sites to achieve essential research outcomes. 

Knowledge Skills and Abilities

 Current knowledge of cancer treatment and care. 

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Independent decision-making skills. 

• Expertise with antineoplastic agent administration. Clinical experience in oncology. 

• Ability to provide own transportation to meet with patients within service area. 

• Ability to attend meetings within service area and at training locations. 

  •  Current Registered Nursing License in Virginia. 


$40 per hour